PlayStation Store-Update *USA* für die Woche vom 10. 05. 2016 bis zum 17. 05. 2016

PlayStation Store-Update *USA* für die Woche vom 10. 05. 2016 bis zum 17. 05. 2016.

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PlatformProduct NameSale PriceOriginal Price
PS4Tom Clancy’s The Division$49.79$59.99
PS4Tom Clancy’s The Division Gold Edition$79.99$99.99
PS4Blood Bowl 2$24.99$49.99
PS4Blood Bowl 2 – Lizardmen$3.49$6.99
PS4Blood Bowl 2 – Wood Elves$3.49$6.99
PS4Blue Estate$3.24$12.99
PS4Bound by Flame$9.99$39.99
PS4Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition$29.99$59.99
PS4Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition: The Last Trick Bag$0.99$1.99
PS4EA Sports Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour$15.99$39.99
PS4Far Cry Primal$47.99$59.99
PS4Far Cry Primal – Digital Apex Edition$48.74$64.99
PS4Farming Simulator 15$24.99$49.99
PS4Farming Simulator 15 – Gold Add-on$10.49$14.99
PS4Farming Simulator 15 – Holmer DLC$6.99$9.99
PS4Farming Simulator 15 – Itrunner$6.99$9.99
PS4Farming Simulator 15 – JCB$6.99$9.99
PS4Farming Simulator 15 – Lamborghini Nitro 120$0.69$0.99
PS4Farming Simulator 15 – New Holland$4.89$6.99
PS4Farming Simulator 15 – Niva$1.39$1.99
PS4Girl in Mask Avatar$0.99$1.99
PS4Hasbro Family Fun Pack$19.99$39.99
PS4Inside My Radio$11.99$14.99
PS4Just Dance 2016$19.99$49.99
PS4Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition$24.59$59.99
PS4Lips and Tongue Avatar$0.99$1.99
PS4Monopoly Family Fun Pack$9.99$19.99
PS4Monopoly Plus$7.49$14.99
PS4MOP: Operation Cleanup (Cross-Buy)$2.49$4.99
PS4Rabbids Invasion$6.99$19.99
PS4Rabbids Invasion Gold Edition$8.74$34.99
PS4Rayman Legends$9.99$39.99
PS4Rocksmith 2014$14.99$59.99
PS4Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishments$10.49$29.99
PS4Styx: Master of Shadows$7.49$29.99
PS4The Crew$17.99$29.99
PS4The Crew Complete Edition$23.99$59.99
PS4The Crew Wild Run Edition$19.99$39.99
PS4The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Blood and Wine$17.99$17.99
PS4Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition$44.99$89.99
PS4Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege$35.99$59.99
PS4Tour De France – Season 2014 (Cross-Buy)$7.49$29.99
PS4Tour De France 2015$17.49$49.99
PS4Toy Soldiers War Chest Hall of Fame Edition$11.99$29.99
PS4Toy Soldiers: War Chest$7.49$14.99
PS4Trackmania Turbo$29.99$39.99
PS4Trials Fusion$9.99$19.99
PS4Trials Fusion: Awesome Max Edition$15.99$39.99
PS4Watch Dogs$14.99$29.99
PS4Watch Dogs Gold Edition$19.99$49.99
PS3Abyss Odyssey$5.99$14.99
PS3Ace Combat Infinity Stocked Fuel (10 Units + 1 Free Unit)$7.55$8.99
PS3Ace Combat Infinity Stocked Fuel (50 Units + 10 Free Units)$35.99$44.99
PS3Bound by Flame$7.49$29.99
PS3Faery: Legends of Avalon$1.59$7.99
PS3Farming Simulator$7.49$29.99
PS3Farming Simulator – Marshall Equipment$1.99$4.99
PS3Farming Simulator – Titanium Equipment$0.79$1.99
PS3Farming Simulator – Titanium Vehicles$1.59$3.99
PS3Farming Simulator – Ursus Equipments Pack$2.79$6.99
PS3Farming Simulator – Ursus Vehicles$3.19$7.99
PS3Farming Simulator – Väderstad Equipment$3.19$7.99
PS3Farming Simulator 15$19.99$39.99
PS3Farming Simulator 15 – Itrunner$6.99$9.99
PS3Farming Simulator 15 – JCB$6.99$9.99
PS3Farming Simulator 15 – Lamborghini Nitro 120$0.69$0.99
PS3Farming Simulator 15 – New Holland$4.89$6.99
PS3Farming Simulator 15 – Niva$1.39$1.99
PS3Farming Simulator 15 – Official Expansion (Silver)$6.99$9.99
PS3Final Exam$2.49$9.99
PS3Game of Thrones$2.99$19.99
PS3Just Dance 2016$19.99$39.99
PS3Le Tour De France – Season 2014 (Cross-Buy)$7.49$29.99
PS3Magrunner: Dark Pulse$1.99$9.99
PS3Mars: War Logs$2.49$9.99
PS3Monopoly Deal$2.49$4.99
PS3Monopoly Plus$4.99$9.99
PS3Of Orcs and Men$4.99$19.99
PS3Rayman Legends$9.99$39.99
PS3Realms of Ancient War$2.49$9.99
PS3Rocksmith 2014 Edition$9.99$39.99
PS3Sherlock Holmes – Crimes and Punishments$6.99$19.99
PS3Tour De France 2013 – 100th Edition$3.99$19.99
PS3Tour De France 2013 – 100th Edition Criterium International$0.79$3.99
PS3Tour De France 2013 – 100th Edition Paris-Nice$0.99$4.99
PS3Tour De France 2015$13.99$39.99
PS3Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown$7.49$14.99
PS3Watch Dogs$9.99$19.99
PS3Watch Dogs Gold Edition$15.99$39.99
PS3Zeno Clash 2$2.99$14.99
PS VitaFarming Simulator 14$7.49$29.99
PS VitaFarming Simulator 16$17.49$34.99
PS VitaMOP: Operation Cleanup (Cross-Buy)$2.49$4.99
PS Plus Sales
PlatformProduct NamePS Plus PriceOriginal Price
PS4Inside My Radio$10.49$14.99
PS4MOP: Operation Cleanup (Cross-Buy)$1.99$4.99
PS4Rasta Skull Smile Avatar$1.49$1.99
PS4Starscape Dynamic Theme$1.00$1.99
VITAMOP: Operation Cleanup (Cross-Buy)$1.99$4.99
Price Drops
PlatformProduct NameNew PriceOriginal Price
PS3Cabela’s African Adventures$29.99$39.99
PS3Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition$69.99$79.99
PS3Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition$49.99$59.99
PS3Prototype 2 Gold Edition (Ultimate Bundle)$34.99$49.99
PS3Skylanders Superchargers Portal Owner’s Pack$39.99$49.99
PS3Spider-man Shattered Dimensions$19.99$29.99
PS3The Amazing Spider-Man – Gold Edition Bundle$34.99$49.99

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PS4 Add-ons

Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend

  • Scenario Set 1 (Cross Buy) ($1.99)

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

  • All-New All-Different Doctor Strange ($2.99)

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

  • Akatsuki Combination Secret Technique (Free for Season Pass or Previous 3 Episodes Owners)
  • The Sound Four Extra Playable Characters Pack ($6.99)

Rock Band 4

  • ‘Don’t Do Me Like That’ – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ($1.99)
  • ‘Learning To Fly’ – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ($1.99)

Rocksmith 2014

  • Arch Enemy – Nemesis ($2.99)
  • Nazareth – Hair Of The Dog ($2.99)
  • Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks ($2.99)
  • The Presidents Of The USA – Peaches ($2.99)

The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

  • Afterbirth ($10.99)
PS3 Add-ons

Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend

  • Scenario Set 1 (Cross Buy) ($1.99)

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

  • All-New All-Different Doctor Strange ($2.99)

Rocksmith 2014

  • Arch Enemy – Nemesis ($2.99)
  • Nazareth – Hair Of The Dog ($2.99)
  • Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks ($2.99)
  • The Presidents Of The USA – Peaches ($2.99)
PS Vita Add-ons

MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune Vs. Zombies

  • Dengeki Blazer (Free)
  • Platinum Blaster (Free)
  • Support Character ‘Nepgya’ (Free)
PS4Alps Panoramic View Dynamic Theme$1.99
PS4Audio Theme Series Magnificent Space View 3$2.99
PS4Beautiful Nebula Sea Dynamic Theme$2.99
PS4Beautiful Tropical Island Dynamic Theme$2.99
PS4Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. Dynamic Theme 1$2.99
PS4Doctor Who Witches Familiar Dynamic Theme$2.99
PS4Flame Tempest Dynamic Theme – Full HD$2.99
PS4Paradigm Shift Dynamic Theme – Full HD$2.99
PS4The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – Geralt Vs. Monsters ThemeFree
PS4Amazing Nebula Avatar$0.99
PS4Baby Soft Serve Avatar$0.99
PS4Galaxy And Ocean Avatar$0.99
PS4Mr. Soft Serve Avatar$0.99
PS4Ms. Soft Serve Avatar$0.99
PS4Rasta Skull Smile Avatar$1.99
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Alicia Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Eleanor Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Faldio Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Irene Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Isara Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Largo Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Maximillian Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Rosie Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Selvaria Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Selvaria Avatar 2$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Welkin Avatar$0.49
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: Zaka Avatar$0.49

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